The only calculator you will ever need

  • Easy enough to use every day.
  • Currency converter with auto rate grab.
  • Financial & Stats, Graphing calculator.
  • Full scientific calculator & base converter
  • Unit converter, Tip Calculator.
  • RPN, DAL & Algebraic calculator modes.
  • 5 memory banks with copy/paste.
  • Customize groups to your unique taste.

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1-Calc is a revolutionary calculator for the Pocket PC. It uses big buttons you can easily hit with your finger. The buttons provide clear audible & visual feedback of being pressed. It has been designed to be your "everyday" calculator that you can quickly pick up & use for a few basic calculations.

But 1-Calc is much more than this. It has more features than would be found on a $150 graphing calculator in the stores. The 2 lines of buttons can be scrolled to display other functions including:

Basic Functions
The most common calculator functions at your fingertips: +, -, x, ¸, +/-, 1/x, %, √, │√, x▓, x│, full memory functions, x^y, !, Exp, 10^x, e^x.

Backspace to edit mistakes, brackets to frame your expressions correctly.
Also supports Algebraic, RPN & DAL calculator modes.

Currency Converter
1-Calc grabs the latest currency rates from the Internet so wherever you are, you always have the latest rates with you! With Battery Pack Pro installed, tap on the currency rate in Power Time and be taken directly to 1-Calc to convert your money.

Unit Converter
A full unit converter that not only helps for the everyday conversions (e.g. km/miles, Fahrenheit/Celsius), but also for the unexpected (what's my shoe size in Europe?!?).

Financial & Statistical Functions
1-Calc includes popular financial functions like Time Value Money, Percentage Change (%Δ), Interest Rate Conversions, Depreciation, Profit Margin and Break Even. Also solve statistics regression problems and convert between dates.

Graphing Calculator
Get all the functionality of a $150 graphing calculator on your Pocket PC. Enter up to four equations and see their paths plotted on the graph. Also does quadratic equations.

Scientific Functions
Full scientific calculator: sin, cos, tan, deg/rad/grad, PI, sin-1, cos-1, tan-1, sinh, cosh, tanh, log, ln, sinh-1, cosh-1, tanh-1, Dec->Deg, Deg->Dec, XY->R, Rθ->X, XY->θ, Rθ->Y, Random, nPr, nCr, Last Answer.

Useful constants for scientific calculations are also available as a group of buttons. You don't need to keep constants on a scrap of paper any more!

Tip Calculator
Quickly work out who should pay when you're out with friends!

Memory Banks
1-Calc has 5 different memory banks to store your last calculation, not just 1 like most usual calculators. Plus it has copy / paste buttons to allow results to be copied to / from other programs like Excel or Word.

Base converter
Quickly convert between binary, decimal, hexadecimal & octal.

Date Calculator
Convert the number of days between two dates. A simple but useful function.

Want to display all your buttons at the same time? No problem! 1-Calc can display 40 smaller buttons on 1 page, and a quick tap of the up/down button can display 80 more.

1-Calc also allows button groups to be customized so you can display just the buttons important to your everyday calculations.

Plus, 1-Calc has many different options to allow you to set up 1-Calc for how you want it:

  • Normal, fixed, scientific, engineering notation
  • RSS, DAL, Chain & Algebraic modes.
  • Display using regional settings
  • Repeated equals
  • Cleartype support
  • Manually update currency figures

1-Calc supports VGA devices, landscape & square screen devices like the Palm 700w. It is also fully localized into Franšais, Deutsch, Espa˝ol, Italiano, Catalan, Portuguese & Traditional Chinese.

Skinning (changing how the calculator looks) is an integral feature of 1-Calc. Click here for details instructions on how to skin 1-Calc to make it look unique!

Download the original 1-Calc v2 skin for free. Click here to download. To install:

  • Download the file to your PC.
  • Right click on the ActiveSync icon and select "Explore".
  • Copy the downloaded file to your Pocket PC by dragging and dropping to the ActiveSync Explorer window.
  • On the Pocket PC, go to Start | Programs | File Explorer and navigate to the folder the downloaded file was copied to.
  • Tap on the file to install it.
  • Go into 1-Calc, select "Options", then the "Skins" tab. Select "Original" for the new skin.

Want even more 1-Calc?
The 1-Calc Expansion Pack includes two great features:

1-Calc for your PC
Click on the PC's system tray to get all the features of 1-Calc on your desktop or laptop computer.

6 Great new skins
Find a cool new look for 1-Calc, or have a different look for every day of the week!

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