Customize your Home Screen!

  • Designed for Windows Mobile Standard devices (non-touchscreen).
  • Change the background to any image.
  • Resize or rotate images.
  • Add, remove, reposition the elements (Plug-ins) on the Home Screen.
  • Change the system colors to create new color themes.
  • Choose from 20 new color schemes.
  • Save and Load your edited Home Screens.
  • Supports all screen sizes.

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Have you ever wanted to adjust your Home Screen to look exactly how you wish? 1-HomeEdit allows just this:

  • Swap the background image to any image on your device (including images from your camera). Resize or rotate your images so they fit correctly.
  • Add or remove the elements (Plug-ins) on the Home Screen. Adjust the properties of the Plug-ins to your exact requirement.
  • Change the exact color of all aspects of your device to create new color themes.

Background Image
Use any picture on the device as your background image. Use an image taken with the camera, edit and copy an image from your PC to the phone or use one of the pre-installed 1-HomeEdit backgrounds.

Plug-ins are the elements that make up the Home Screen. Using patent pending technology 1-HomeEdit displays all the available Plug-ins on the system (including any new ones you may have installed from third parties). Select which should be displayed, and in what order they should appear.

1-HomeEdit also displays helpful information about each Plug-in, plus allows the properties of the most popular Plug-ins to be adjusted. Create the home screen you want!

Color Schemes
1-HomeEdit allows all the system colors to be adjusted to any value. Create your own color schemes to match you mood!

1-HomeEdit comes with 20 great color schemes to start your editing from, or to use as-is.

Use the preview feature to see what your changes will look like when the Home Screen has been changed.

Load and Save
Once the Home Screen has been edited, the changes can be stored for later.

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